• Ed

    I miss Puna and my neighbors in Nanawale………I’ll be back.

  • Shar Pavao

    Hi Keala

    Hiki e au ia oe ? Spoke w/you last fall about your new tunes –

    lovin’ Rise Up (is this new ?) & the morning show

    Told you no need cut me one special, I’d wait for spring.

    Spring is here; where can I get your new CD ?

    Loooong time fan

    P.S. Is this going thru ?

    • cleonard

      It is going through. We’ll forward your message to Ke’ala.

  • Gabrielle Glascock

    Can you do a shout out for Laupahoehoe Community Public Charter School (LCPCS)?! We’re selling Krispy Kreme’s at Walmart in Hilo. ($15 or 2/$25 per box of 12) The Junior class is fundraising for their senior trip 🙂

  • statinsareascam808

    i love da night time DJ, he is the funniest hahaha! you rock!

  • Julianne Janssen Mirto

    your streaming down?

  • Michael Chong

    No music, what’s happening

  • Jungle Daze

    Aloha… with the possible loss of Pohoiki i was wondering why after Bruddah Waltahs hit song called Pohoiki off his cd Kahoina back in 1999 and 2000 why your station never plays the wonderful song ever??? Especially now when we may actually lose the location to Pele forever??? Please bring the song back before it like so much of Hawaii is gone… a hui hou malama pono….