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2018 General Election – PRINT OUT #2

U.S. Senator 80 of 249(D) HIRONO, Mazie K. 169,206 70.8%(R) CURTIS, Ron 63,525 26.6%U.S. Representative, Dist I 50 of 115(D) CASE, Ed 87,881 72.8%(R) CAVASSO, Cam 24,055 19.9%(L) TIPPENS, Michelle Rose 1,893 1.6%(G) BURD, Zachary […]

2018 General Election – PRINT OUT #1

U.S. Senator 0 of 249(D) HIRONO, Mazie K. 145,252 70.7%(R) CURTIS, Ron 54,543 26.6%Blank Votes: 5,480 Over Votes: 91 0.0% 2.7%U.S. Representative, Dist I 0 of 115(D) CASE, Ed 77,820 73.5%(R) CAVASSO, Cam 20,620 19.5%(L) TIPPENS, […]

Flood Information Update Monday 8/27/18 12PM

The Department of Public Works, partnering with the American Red Cross and local CERT teams, continues their damage assessments from Hurricane Lane today. To report flood damage from the storm, please call 808-643-5555.Please be careful […]

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